Okay.... When I was initially approached to do this project I was given the company name and told to "use my imagination" to figure the rest out. I was told: "It needs to be porn related, and there has to be porn on the bags".... How fun. This is not my kind of thing at all but hey, money talks... The client had no logo, no idea for packaging design; nothing. Being the genius I am I thought it would be colossal to spin off the pornhub logo and mobile website for the packaging. Since I finished the project and handed the files over, I have noticed the bag design has gone quite viral online. I am not proud of this project, but you have to admit the packaging idea is absolutely genius in every way shape and form. Unfortunately since I only did the designs, I have no high quality images since I wasn't contracted to do any product photography. All the images you see here are taken from the internet and numerous Reddit threads of people freaking out about this packaging. I'm still rinsing my eyes with bleach years after finishing the project in hopes to cleanse my brain of the gross images I had to stare at while designing the bags.



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